What inspired me to write a children’s book?

Where to begin? Right now, it is the middle of the summer and it is super hot. I just launched my first ever published children’s book called Milly’s Adventures. It has been a dream of mine to write one.

I will never forget my birthday this year because it was the day the governor of my state declared a state of emergency and it was the last day I was in the classroom. I never thought my world would turn upside down. It was very scary when I was worried that I would get sick and my family would too. In order to get my mindfrom going crazy I decided to write.

What made my heart sing? Cute adorable penguins and then I found Milly. I fell in love with her image. All I could think of was having her travel around the world. What could be better than having young children be on quest to help her find her way home to her family. Better yet, they can learn how to complete challenging tasks in a fun way.

After I wrote Milly’s Adventures, I went into phase two, how do I get it printed? How do I publish it? I knew self- publishing was the way to go because my job was in limbo due to the uncertainty in the world around me. I spent hours upon hours researching and discovered the on-line publishing company called The Book Patch. I was so relieved that there was a place I could go to make my book become a reality, not just a dream.


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