TOT Time

Classes are running through the Summer and Fall of 2021

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Mommy & Me Classes

Once a week (0-3yrs)- Tuesdays or Thursdays- 10:30-11:30a.m. ($60 per month)

Singing, movement activities, and listening to stories are some of the structured activities. There will also be unstructured playtime and a chance for parents to chat with each other.

Sensory Art Time for Tots

9 a.m. on Thursdays (18mths.- 30mths.)

1 hour ($20 per class)

Play dough, painting, slime activities are just some of the fun activities your child will get to explore while they learn preacademic skills and play. They will have opportunities to make crafts while making friendships with their classmates during this on-going weekly class.

Musical Fun for Tots

9 a.m. on Tuesdays

(18 mths.- 30mths.) 1 hour- $15 per class ($60 per month)

Hands on musical experience for children to learn rhythm, songs, and tempo. They will use rhythm sticks, shakers, bells while they sing and move. Movement activities are integrated throughout the class.

TOT Time

Tuesdays & Thursdays (drop off) (2/3 year olds) 12:45-2:45p.m. (Class size- 4 kids) ($250 per month)

Mondays & Wednesdays (3/4 year olds) 12:45-2:45pm (Class size- 4-6 kids) ( $250 per month)

September- June

Circle time, free play, snack time, crafts, and structured play time. Weekly thematic and academic activities such as letters/numbers/shape concepts are covered.

Play Therapy

One-on-one instruction (children on the autism spectrum or learners who have social delays)

1 hour ($40) ABA instruction and Greenspan’s Floortime play model is given to learners 18 mths.-3 yrs. Verbal behavior approach is used and systematic assessments are given on a 3 month basis.

How do you register for classes?

Email me at

Where Is TOT Time located?

In North Salem, NY

Who is the teacher at TOT time?

My name is Rachel Gutterman-Gerstman. My students like to call me Miss Rachel.


About Me

Hello! My name is Miss Rachel and I live in New York. I am currently a Special Education Preschool teacher. I am also a Reading Specialist. I also have a passion for reading, art, and Lego play. I have taught acting and Lego building after school classes for pre-k thru second grade. My colleagues call me the ‘Queen of Play’ because of my energetic and creative type of instruction. Part of being an effective teacher you need to practice differential instruction. I use visuals during instruction to help my learners understand and follow directions. I genuinely enjoy getting students engaged with fun rewards, movement, and creative play. It is seeing the positive outcomes that come out of purposeful, intentional teaching that is so amazing.
I have been teaching for over ten years in many different pre-k classes as a Special Education teacher and a teacher working with neurotypical children. I have worked as a co-teacher in integrated classrooms and self-contained classes for children with autism. I have also been a Parent trainer, a SEIT teacher and an EI provider. I received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from NYU, which gave me a solid understanding of how to teach students with special needs. My university’s program included an intensive amount of hands on experience, which gave me the confidence I needed to assist children with disabilities. I received a master’s degree in Reading at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. This degree gave me the knowledge to teach reading and writing for children Pre-K through middle school.
When I am not teaching, I love making jewelry, walking my dog, drawing, writing, creating teaching materials such as fun learning games, and watching movies. I love teaching and I am so excited to have your child in my class! See you soon!

Contact info-

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During the pandemic I wrote an interactive children’s book called Milly’s Adventures. It is a fun story about a penguin who gets lost and you as the reader gets to help her get home.
Here is the link to the book store!