Milly’s Adventures

Milly’s Adventures is an interactive picture book about a lost penguin who explores a variety of places. The reader helps this penguin get home. Like Hervé Tullet’s Press Here and Matheson’s Tap the Magic Tree, Milly’s Adventures proves how a story book can be a fun adventure.

Every book needs you to turn the pages. But not every book needs you to touch it, knock on it, close your eyes, or clap. Milly’s Adventures asks you to help an adorable penguin find her way home to her family. Now that is interactive—and magical!

It begins with a lost penguin named Milly who is on a train near snowy mountains. She finds herself exploring various fun places all over the country. The photographs and graphic visuals evoke the simplicity of Knuffle Bunny series and the interactive concept will delight fans of Pat the Bunny. Combining a playful spirit and a sense of wonder about the world, I hope you enjoy this engaging story.



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Rachel’s Learning Products business began in early spring of this year. I am a Special Educator by day and artist by night. My inspiration for writing an interactive children’s book came from my students. My love for children and creativity is what makes my it unique.

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