TOT Time Academy-We offer Virtual On-line classes and an In-Person Mommy and Me class

Classes are running through the Summer and Fall of 2021

So happy to share their Humpty Dumpty during Nursery Rhyme week!
One of my students shared his work with me..
Bug Week!
Weather Week! Everyone made a rainbow their own way..
Sport Week- Decorate your Own Basketball
Happy Earth Day!
I love making my dinosaur with playdough!
Using pasta to make the bones of a Pteradactyl
Making a fun T-Rex mask with paper and markers.
Kinetic Sand is Fun!
I love teaching children how to read their sight words.
Using Visuals are important when you are learning how to read!
This is my son, Benjamin, he is my fun teacher’s assistant. He loves young children!

Mommy & Me Classes- at my home

Once a week (0-3yrs)- Tuesdays or Thursdays- 10:30-11:30a.m. ($60 per month)

Singing, movement activities, and listening to stories are some of the structured activities. There will also be unstructured playtime and a chance for parents to chat with each other.

On-line Pre-K/Kindergarten Zoom classes- An Interactive Preschool Circle Time With Miss Rachel!

30 minutes per class, 3x per week every week, 3-5 year olds, 2-6 learners per class

Price – USD $30 per week $10 per class per learner

My morning circle time will provide a fun and educational start to your child’s day. Classes will start with quick introductions and child sharing before moving onto our learning content. Each child will learn their classmates names during a morning song. I hold up their name tag and they read their name. After our morning song, count the days on the calendar to find the day of the week. After we count and identify the number we sing the days of the week song (tune-is from the Adams Family). The kids identify the day of the week. Once one student identifies the day of the week I have everyone repeat what the day is by showing the day of the week card. Next, I sing the months of the year song and encourage the children to sing along. At the end of the song, I ask them what month it is. I will be very animated with my mouth to show the beginning sound of the month.  Lastly, I have all the kids say the full day of the year, (e.g. October 23, 2021) 

After calendar time, I give a brain break/movement activity with either part of our bodies or our whole body. The one step movements consist of shaking hands, moving our shoulders up and down, jumping, running in place, etc. These exercises are important for the students to get them active after they have been sitting for calendar time and before they listen to a book.

Next, I read a short book and have the children answer What type questions. Each book relates to the theme of the month. After the book I will sing a song or play a fun game that is also related to a particular theme or school readiness concept such as a shape, color, letter, or number. Some examples of games I play are- hide and seek with flannel pieces that test their memory skills, counting activities, and guessing games. As for my songs, I will sing the Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a Gate, Open Shut them, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, etc. Some days we will be doing an in-class craft or activity. It may involve coloring, playdough, cutting, etc. On Sundays, I will give you a message or post on the classroom announcement page what your child will be doing or needing.

These activities will be theme based and follow the yearly schedule, January- Winter/Transportation, February- Dinosaurs/Pets (Valentine's Day-Holiday), March- Zoo/Community Helpers, April- Spring/Farm, May- Flowers/Bugs, June- Summer/Camping, September- All about Me, Apples and Pumpkins, October- Fall, Halloween, November- Family/Harvest, Thanksgiving/Friendship, and December- Gingerbread, Holidays around the world.

Lastly, all the kids share an item or something they made for show and tell. Once a week (on Fridays) I will ask them to bring in an object that starts with a particular letter. Show and Tell is a wonderful activity that helps children with turn taking and improving their speech and language skills. Also, on Wednesdays everyone will do either a game or craft during class related to the weekly theme. There will be weekly progress reports sent to parents by email.

During September 6-10, we be learning about all about me, Letter A, number 1, and the circle shape. During September 13-17, we will be learning about apples, letter B, number 2, and continuing with the circle shape. During September 20-24, we will be learning about pumpkins, Letter C, number 3, and the square shape. During September 27- October 1, we will be learning about the season fall, letter D, number 4, and continuing with the square shape. During October 4-8, we will be learning about Fire Safety, letter E, number 5, and the triangle shape. During October 11-15, we will be learning about community helpers, letter F, number 6, and continuing with the triange shape. During October 18-22, we will be continuing with community helper theme, letter G, number 7 and the rectangle shape. During October 25-29, we will be learning about Halloween, letter H, number 8, and continuing with the rectangle shape.

During November 2-6, we will be learning about families, letter I, number 9 and the oval shape. During November 9-13, we will be continue learning about families, Letter J, number 10 and the oval shape. During November 16-20, we will be learning about different foods during this time of the year (Harvest/Thanksgiving), letter K, number 11 and the diamond shape. During November 23-27, we will continue learning about the different foods during this time of year, Letter L, number 12, and the diamond shape.

During November 30-December 4, we will be learning about Gingerbread and the Gingerbread Boy/Girl story, Letter M, number 13, and the star shape. During December 8-12, we will continue learning about Gingerbread, Letter N, number 14, and the star shape. During December 15-20, we will be learning about holidays around the world, letter M, number 15, and the hexagon shape. During December 21-25, we will continue learning about holidays around the world, letter O, number 16, and the hexagon shape. During December 28-31, we will continue learning about holidays around the world, letter P, letter 17, and octogon shape.

During January 4-8, we will be learning about winter animals, the letter Q, circles, and number 18. During January 11-14, we will continue learning about winter animals, the letter R, and number 19. During January 18-22, we be learning about transportation, letter S, and number 20. During January 25-29, we will continue learning about transportation and letter T.

During February 1-5, we will be learning about dinosaurs, the letter U. For February 8-12, we will continue learning about dinosaurs, letter V, hearts. We will talk about Valentine’s Day. During February 15-19, we will be learning about pets, letter W, hearts. During February 22-26, we will continue learning about pets, letter X.

During March 1-5, we will be learning zoo animals, letter Y. During March 8-12, we continue learning about zoo animals and letter Z. During March 15-19, we be learning about spring. During March 22-26, we will learn about the farm..

Optional worksheets will be provided for your child to complete and color during circle time and outside of class time, extending the benefits and learning beyond the online class.
My teaching approach is multisensory, energetic, and supportive of all the different needs and abilities of my students. Each class follows a structured routine where students will learn and review letters, numbers, shapes, colors, calendar concepts through singing and games!

Learning Goals
Regular songs sung will include ABC's, number songs, days of the week and months of the year.  Additional songs will be sung relating to the content of the day. Movement activities, story time with a flannel activity and show and share time will be incorporated into every lesson to promote social skills and speech/langauage skills. 

Dinosaur Learning Fun for Ages 4-7

Ongoing Course- In this 2x a week ongoing course, we will have fun learning about dinosaurs and developing our literacy and number skills. So, bring your favorite dinosaur and begin our adventure together!

30 minutes per class, Twice per week every week, 4-7 year olds 3-6 learners per class Price – USD $25 per week $13 per class per learner

During each class, students will learn fun and interesting facts about dinosaurs.  Each class will begin with reading of a dinosaur book, an activity in the middle and discussion time at the end. After story time, the students will be engaged in dinosaur movement activities to get our bodies moving. I will be using a movement cube with various dinosaur actions. Other times, we will act out and sing along to dinosaur songs. Also, we will be making dinosaurs with clay or playdough and they can use a dinosaur playdough mat that will be distributed. Some classes we will build with LEGOs and make a dinosaur or a make tall towers with a dinosaur number mat. There will be fun dinosaur crafts such as 3 step activities and games (dinosaur bingo and flannel board type activities) during each class. One fun dinosaur mystery game will be played where the students have to guess the dinosaur I hold up by seeing visual clues or hearing clues. I use a laminated dinosaur sheet with curtains and when I lift parts of it they have to make guesses. Also, we will comparing and contrasting the various types of dinosaurs (plant eaters, meat eaters, and herbivores) using big chart paper. I look forward to learning all about dinosaurs with your child!

Sensory Art Time for Tots

9 a.m. on Thursdays (18mths.- 30mths.)

1 hour ($20 per class)

Play dough, painting, slime activities are just some of the fun activities your child will get to explore while they learn preacademic skills and play. They will have opportunities to make crafts while making friendships with their classmates during this on-going weekly class.

Learning to Read Is Fun!

Ongoing Course- During this hands-on, ongoing reading class which meets twice a week, your child will have fun learning important reading skills such as identifying letter sounds, sight words, and word families.

30 minutes per class Twice per week every week 4-7 year olds 3-6 learners per class Price – USD $30 per week $15 per class per learner

This course is comprised of three units: letters/sound recognition, sight word vocabulary, and word families. Students do need to be able to identify all the letters of the alphabet and identify most of their sounds.These skills will be taught in this order and for each unit a lot of time is devoted towards teaching and reviewing these skills. The specific sight word list (1-30) is from the Dolch list and they will be explicitly taught. These lists will be posted on the weekly classroom page. Alphabet, sight word, and word families charts are used as visual aids. The kids will play fun games such as hide and seek letter or word hunts. The word families will be short a, e, i, o, and u. I will also sing letter songs with all the children and incorporate movement activities into every lesson. Every week your child will be reading emergent reader books. They get their own copy so they can read along. I will be sending them on a week to week basis. I always allow a child to bring a special toy or stuffed animal to share with the class. Many times I will incorporate their special friend in the lesson of the day

Lego Mania for Young Builders

Multi-Day Course In this 4 week on-line class, your child will have fun building awesome LEGO constructions!

40 minutes per class Once per week over 4 weeks 3-6 year olds

2-6 learners per class Price – USD $40 total $10 per class per learner

In this on-going 4 week class, your child will have fun building LEGO constructions according to themes. Each class will have a story read to them. The book will be based on the theme. Next, each child will do independent building of a particular design. Lastly, we will have show and tell. Each child will talk about what they made out of legos. For the first class, the focus during show and tell, will be on introductions and your child will have to introduce themselves.

My first class is called Super builders, here we come! For story time, I will read a book about building skyscrapers. Each child will download LEGO building cards after their parent enrolls in the class. First, each child will get five minutes to build a tower they choose to build and after the bell goes off, they will count how high their tower is and tell the class their number. I will be encouraging them to help each other. Any child who can build buildings up to ten bricks or more will get a shout out of praise and a lego certificate of junior builder will be sent to them for their parent to download. Lastly, we will have show and tell and each child will talk about what they made out of legos. Also, I will take photos of their buildings at the end of class and email them to their parents.

My second class is called Mystery build with LEGOs! For storytime, I will read two or three pages from a LEGO book about famous LEGO creations around the world. Each child will be asked to create anything. They will have ten minutes of building time. Next, your child will have show and tell time and they will talk about what they made out of legos. Lastly, I will take photos of their creations and email them to their parents.

My third class is called Ready Set Go! For story time I will read a book about LEGO cars by Jeff Kinney. Next, each child will either make a duplo car or use a base of a duplo car and make it bigger. They will make a road or race track for their car. After building, each child will have show and tell and they will talk about what they made out of legos. Lastly, I will take photos of their creations and email them to their parents.

My fourth class is called Moving day is here! For story time, I will read a book about building a house called Building a House by Bryan Barton. Next, each child will make a house with duplos and legos. Using a LEGO plate is recommended and they will be encouraged to add furniture, people, windows, doors, etc. After building time, each child will have show and tell time. They will talk about what their houses. Lastly, I will take photos of their houses and email them to their parents.

I have attached a photos of different houses, vehicles, dinosaur and dragon with their LEGO pieces list for those of you who want to use them. This is optional.

Show and Tell Social Club

Ongoing Course In this ongoing course, students will get to share something that is special to them and discuss it with the class. It is a fun time to make new friends and have fun.

40 minutes per class Once per week every week 5-8 year olds 2-6 learners per class Price – USD $10 per week per learner

This class is an ongoing class, students will have fun getting to know other kids and build relationships with them. In this class, students will bring an item from their house that is special to them. They could also bring something that they have created whether it is a picture, story, or art project. It could be a picture, a toy, food, or an instrument. During this class students will get to build friendships and communicate with their peers by discussing what is so special about their item. Students will also get to ask their peers questions.  I will ask students Who, What, Where, How, and Why questions about the item they are sharing. 

My son, a sophmore in high school will be my assistant during the social group time. He has a lot of experience working with young children and wants to be an added social support. He has been a camp counselor for several years and looks forward to getting to know your child. We will help students discuss their items if needed and guide them in any way I can! This is a time to chat, develop social skills, make friends, talk about our day/school, and our current interests. Everyone is welcome to create art during our chat. They may draw, color, doodle, or write while we spend time together. We will use the whiteboard in class and make pictures together.

How do you register for classes?

Email me at and payments are done using Paypal (using my other

Where Is TOT Time located?

In North Salem, NY

Who is the teacher at TOT time?

My name is Rachel Gutterman-Gerstman. My students like to call me Miss Rachel.


About Me

Hello! My name is Miss Rachel and I live in New York. I am currently a Special Education Preschool teacher. I am also a Reading Specialist. I also have a passion for reading, art, and Lego play. I have taught acting and Lego building after school classes for pre-k thru second grade. My colleagues call me the ‘Queen of Play’ because of my energetic and creative type of instruction. Part of being an effective teacher you need to practice differential instruction. I use visuals during instruction to help my learners understand and follow directions. I genuinely enjoy getting students engaged with fun rewards, movement, and creative play. It is seeing the positive outcomes that come out of purposeful, intentional teaching that is so amazing.
I have been teaching for over ten years in many different pre-k classes as a Special Education teacher and a teacher working with neurotypical children. I have worked as a co-teacher in integrated classrooms and self-contained classes for children with autism. I have also been a Parent trainer, a SEIT teacher and an EI provider. I received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from NYU, which gave me a solid understanding of how to teach students with special needs. My university’s program included an intensive amount of hands on experience, which gave me the confidence I needed to assist children with disabilities. I received a master’s degree in Reading at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. This degree gave me the knowledge to teach reading and writing for children Pre-K through middle school.
When I am not teaching, I love making jewelry, walking my dog, drawing, writing, creating teaching materials such as fun learning games, and watching movies. I love teaching and I am so excited to have your child in my class! See you soon!

Contact info-

Rachels Learning Products LLC:




 When I am not teaching I am either writing children’s books or creating teaching materials for my TPT store and my Etsy Shop.



During the pandemic I wrote an interactive children’s book called Milly’s Adventures. It is a fun story about a penguin who gets lost and you as the reader gets to help her get home.
Here is the link to the book store!